Case Study:

Atlanta Greek Picnic: Five-day, Black Greek-letter Organization Festival in Atlanta

Five days of networking, career development, dating, community service, and the biggest BGLO celebration in the country

Volunteer Management

Annually recruited, selected and managed teams of 60-75 volunteers. Developed daily staffing schedules. Served as point of contact for staff during events. Cultivated a virtual community of volunteers from year-to-year to deepen commitments and year-long engagement.

Result: Created super-volunteers that took ownership of the event and brand and became the strongest of brand ambassadors.

Documentation and Media Coordination

Worked with photographers and videographers to ensure deployment of shot lists and delivery deadlines. Created asset system to allow for organized content delivery to the client. Managed media relations and press coordination for events throughout the week.

Day-of Stage Management

Managed event logistics, hosts, greenroom, BOH and run-of-show. Hosted special guests including elected officials and celebrity musical artists. Managed rider fulfilment and other contractual requirements.

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