As I continue my MUSTARD mission of creating impact in 2020 and beyond, I wanted to start digging into the tactics now that the strategy is laid out. [Impact is the mission, MUSTARD is the strategy.]

When it comes to tactics, I’ve really been thinking about what goes into serving others. My first thought was “How can I serve others more?” Then it was “How can I serve others BEST?” I think quality over quantity is what’s most important here. [This also leads into the A in mustArd – be Authentic.]

I’ve spent years in the quantity lane — joining multiple community service organizations, serving on committees and boards, etc. All of it was good and necessary work but now I want to go deep; be even more targeted and intentional with my time and talents.

With tomorrow being the day that we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, Pastor Mo brilliantly incorporated his voice, message and mission into today’s sermon on “Creating a Culture of Valuing Others.” Here are some key things that spoke to me from both his sermon and from Dr. King’s Drum Major Instinct sermon he preached just a few months before his assassination:

Link to full sermon is up top. Here’s a great shortened clip, as well.

So this brings me back to “How can I serve others BEST?” I’m taking my time and looking for direction. I don’t think it benefits anyone for me to decide or dictate how I can help so… You tell me. How can I help you?

Whether it’s answering marketing or event related questions, recommendations about things in Atlanta, or just a listening ear and partner in something you’re praying for or about, let me know how I can join with you and serve with the talents I possess.

If you see something in me that I didn’t mention or don’t even see in myself, by all means, please float it my way as well.

My ears are open to hear and heart is open to receive. Looking forward to hearing from you!